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    Above is a link to an accredited at home certification course to be a certified therapeutic harpist. I used to want to be a music therapist but decided to go for therioeutic harpist. I have heard mixed feelings about the field like ‘anyone can play at someone’s bedside’ an that courses are a waste of time. But how I see it, I want that certificate saying I can do this! And that paper could be the difference between a job with a hospital and not.

    Are there any therioeutic harpist around to share some stories and advise and experience? How do you all feel about therioeutic harpist? I head people claiming they are takin work away from music therapist but I don’t see that. It’s like saying a massage therapist is takin work from physical therapists and that’s just not true. Does anyone have any knowledge of the above program?

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