Beauty and the Beast-

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    joan-steinberg on #150557

    Is anyone familiar with the harp part for the show “Beauty and the Beast”?

    Devon Carpenter on #150558

    Get some glissando picks!

    Miriam Shilling on #150559

    Yes, that’s right.

    joan-steinberg on #150560

    Well, I finally got the harp part for Beauty and the Beast.

    brian-noel on #150561

    When I

    David Ice on #150562

    I once got a rental part for A CHORUS LINE and I was astounded that some earlier harpist had written–in RED INK–on the cover, in so many words:

    ” Please do not erase the pedal markings and other markings in this part.

    joan-steinberg on #150563

    I posted a while back about Beauty and the Beast, and the performances are this week.

    Julie Albertson on #150564


    I saw this idea somewhere but can’t remember; wish I could give proper credit.

    Get a long piece of 1/4″ wide black elastic – at least 5 feet. Drape it around your neck and decide what length you prefer, leaving a little slack. Then take a nail and poke a hole through the wide end (about 1/4″ towards the center) of each pick. Thread the elastic through and tie a double knot along the edge, trimming the ends if necessary.

    I played “Carousel” this past weekend. There aren’t a ton of glisses but when there are, you have to go immediately into bass-chord-bass-chord/boom-chick-boom-chick. This way, I could play a gliss and just ‘drop’ the picks to play chords. The picks are then either on your lap or hanging at your side the next time you need them.

    Other musicians are pretty curious. One time someone said it looked like a 21st century vestment. 😮

    Julie in Atlanta

    alice-freeman on #150565

    I also keep my picks around my neck on an elastic

    r-pista on #150566

    Whoa! How did you manage to get through that without picks? I subbed on this show on Broadway for a few years and would not have been able to get through it without picks. “Be out Guest” is basically one big gliss. Didn’t you shred up your fingers?

    joan-steinberg on #150567

    Yes, I would never be getting through this show without the picks.

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