Beatles Harp Music?

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    Kelly Noonan on #148458

    I used to own a book that had sheet music for various Beatles songs. I’d only got through with learning Eleanor Rigby and then I somehow lost the book (didn’t bother trying to buy it again until now since I was convinced it was in storage somewhere). Now it’s been so long since I’ve played anything from it that I can’t remember who it’s by or the title of the book.

    I tried searching the Harp Connection’s website for “Beatles” but haven’t found anything. Does anyone know the book I’m talking about? Or another site I could search? I’m still something of a novice so I don’t know all the resources yet.

    alice-freeman on #148459

    How about the “Lennon and McCartney For The Harp” book by Sylvia Woods. It contains 46 of the Beatles tunes arranged for pedal and lever harp — available at her Web site —

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    HBrock25 on #148460


    Just saw your post. I think the collection you are referring to is by Jim Palmer. harpistic publications His web site is (660) 582-2511. He also has a cd that he has recorded of these arrangements It is a great collection Sally Duran

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