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    I just heard the radio presenter explain that November Woods is about the woods very near to where I live so that’s piqued my interest – think there might be harp in it but not sure…….

    oh and I have just been experimenting with a young composer friend with a tiny Bells Tree, a minature version of Tubular Bells such as the percussion section would have in orchestra, it was almost electronic sounding when skimmingfingers over it, but clearer with a percussion stick, & I thought of Silenzo, which I heard last year, by an Italien composer I think, with a prepared harp etc


    Hmm thanks 94 pages is quite long for a tone poem score, but I see there’s very few measures to a page – think I have a recording handy.


    In the U.S. the score and parts are for sale:

    EMS13463 BAX, Arnold (1883-1953) – November Woods. EDWIN F. KALMUS – large score – A4121 $55.00

    EMS134634 BAX, Arnold (1883-1953) – November Woods. EDWIN F. KALMUS – set (incl strings 4,4,3,2,2) – A4121 $225.00

    Extra Harp 1 $5.50
    Extra Harp 2 $5.50

    As Bax died in 1953 the work is on Rental in the EU. It will become PD there in 2023.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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