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    Sherj DeSantis

    Dear Harp Column Friends,
    Carl and I were wondering if anyone had heard from Basel lately? We are thinking of you Basel, and wish you Peace in this blessed season. I hope you are well. Maybe some of you will join me please and send your warmest thoughts, wishes and prayers out to Basel? Sherj


    I hear from Basel regularly. He has been safe so far, but he is living in a besieged area, and things are very challenging. Last I heard, he had no heat — and as you may have heard, it is bitterly cold in Syria right now. As you can imagine, he is profoundly upset by everything that is happening around him. Thank you for keeping him him your prayers. I lie awake at night worrying about Basel. I will tell him that you asked about him and I am sure he will be very touched to know that he is in people’s thoughts and prayers.


    Eliza – it is good to know that you are in touch with Basel regularly – he is often in my thoughts especially as I hear the awful reports on public radio concerning the dire situation where he is – I hope he knows how many friends he has around the world who think of him often and hope for some solution to the horrors going on there – and please keep us all up to date with what information you are able to get, especially if there is anything we could do individually or as a group to help him – thank you –


    Yes, I have been thinking about him recently too. Thank you for the update Eliza and please tell him that I am praying for him as well.



    I will definitely pass your loving thoughts on to him Sherj, John, and Kay! It will mean a lot to him. Are you on facebook? Basel is very active there as “Harpissimo Basel.” He also has another fb page, called, I think, Harps of Paradise. As for what we can do for him, I do not know. I wonder if it would benefit him to apply for refugee status. I heard Lebanon is accepting refugees, but his situation there might not actually be any better than if he stays where he is. He also is responsible for elderly parents, whom he does not wish to abandon, understandably.
    Basel has entertained thoughts of coming to the States to pursue a PhD, but he is not confident that he could pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) that would be required. I actually think his English is excellent, but he does not feel up to taking the test. And his parents are still a big consideration.
    Basel speaks very highly and very fondly of Carl Swanson. I don’t know if Carl has any ideas or has spoken with him recently.

    Jerusha Amado

    Thank you, Eliza, for updating us on how Basel is doing. Please send my love to him!


    I will do that, Jerusha! He likes knowing that he is remembered and thought of.


    Hello My Dear Friends , no words to express your kind and warm words , Happy New Year to you and to your Families away from War , Fighting, Blood , Death and Fear, and may the light of the New Year Brings you only Happiness , peace ,Health and success . Thank you so much .

    Basel- Syria

    Sherj DeSantis

    So nice to hear from you Basel. Please stay in touch. Your harp column family thinks of you often. My prayers for you. Sherj


    I just spent the past half hour IM’ing Basel. he recently went to Lebanon and tried to get a visa to come to the US, but was denied. Things are getting worse for him and his parents and sister, both weather-wise and with the violence. I wish there was something that we could do.


    I will have to ask Basel on what basis he applied for the visa. I wonder if it would be possible to just get him over here for a visit? Even just a reprieve, a month or two away from the chaos and the cold, would be such a help.


    Eliza- If you can think of any way to get him out of there, let me know.

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