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    unknown-user on #168061

    does anybody know whether there is any book with harp exerpts from ballets
    such as nutcracker and swan lake? i do ballet and it would be so fun for me to
    learn these pieces! Thanks, Katrina

    unknown-user on #168062

    There is a book of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker excerpts you can get from International Music in NYC.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #168063

    Keep in mind that the cadenza from The Nutcracker is not played as it looks
    on the page. The 16th note figures are not played with the left and right hands
    simultaneously, as it looks on the page, but instead you play them twice as
    fast, with the right, then the left, alternating. This is how everyone does it,
    though some play both the figure descending, while other play the right
    descending and the left ascending. You have to adapt a way to get to the final
    rising arpeggio near the end, while staying in the rhythm. This is often done
    as a glissando, finishing with a sixth chord, with F flat and D flat set, then you
    put the F and D back in natural in the next chord.
    Alway play from the original music, so as not to confuse the dancers.

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