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    Dorian Llywelyn on #150887

    The leather case I keep my harp strings etc in has finally gone to its rest after 27 years of use. Does any one have any recommendations for a replacement. There’s a bag on .
    Does anyone have any opinions on this bag or any other recommendations?

    steven-todd-miller on #150888

    Bag???!!! I use a fishing tackle box. It’s perfect. The top section has all these little compartments for tools, anchors, felt, business cards, tuning forks, anything you need! Then the large bottom section fits all the strings also in compartment according to octave. It’s like having your own mini-regulation center.

    luanne-oreilly on #150889

    Dorian – Steffie Curcio’s site – has all sorts of embroidered bags – the Zip Bag I use for my strings and tuner.

    patricia-jaeger on #150890


    When you go to play somewhere on your harp, and wear formal clothes, an attache case looks professional and should hold what you need on the job. Just pick the lightest weight one, before you fill it up.

    barbara-low on #150891

    I use to carry an attache case and agree that it looks more professional. I’ve converted to a rolling laptop bag with the telescoping handle. It holds just about everything, and I can balance my bench on top of it. It helped me reduce the number of trips back and forth from the car.

    kreig-kitts on #150892

    A tackle box is a great idea. Back in school we had an art teacher who required it for our art supplies.

    Tackle boxes: they aren’t just for fishing anymore.

    elinor-niemisto on #150893

    I found a rolling bag that has a laptop compartment big enough for an orchestra folder, and has a zippered bag that holds a set of strings.

    jennifer-byrne on #150894

    I am scoping out such bags, Elinor.

    tonya-a on #150895

    It has a flip folder with pockets for CDs that are just the right size for a packet of strings.

    elinor-niemisto on #150896

    The brand name is “U.S. Luggage”.

    patricia-jaeger on #150897

    Walgreens Drug Store chain has those CD holders, with sections inside the size of string packets for 1st through 3rd octave, for under five dollars. To store and carry larger string packets you’d need to make up one or two packets covered in clear plastic for ease of viewing. Along with extra strings carry a pair of tiny scissors, a few string anchors ( cut pieces one and one-quarter inches long, from discarded 5th octave strings, preferably gut for being less slippery than nylon) and pliers with a wire-cutting feature on the side. These last used to be carried by Lyon and Healy, and mine is made by Sargent & Co., New Haven, Connecticut.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150898

    Lyon & Healy used to sell their own attache case, once upon a time. I remember Karen Gottlieb had one, and in her car she had a set of plastic drawers for hardware to hold all the mechanical parts to repair her harp. Very impressive.

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