Bach Chaconne transcription version?

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    le_sacre on #228935

    The Chaconne from the D minor violin partita has always been a special favorite of mine, and I was blown away by Anneleen Lenaerts’s performance. Anyone know whether she did her own transcription, or used Dewey Owens’s, or Skaila Kanga’s? Or have opinions about the differences between Owens and Kanga?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #228973

    Dewey Owens published a masterpiece of a transcription with the Bach Chaconne. There are two editions, Lyra and a Lyon & Healy edition, I believe. I prefer the first, with slight modifications that are obvious to anyone who learns it. Lucile Lawrence embraced it and taught it to many of her students. I would not even consider any other edition. Dewey was an expert in writing for the harp, and as an organist, certainly had a good understanding of Bach. For someone who wants an impressive Bach solo to play in a recital, this is it.

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