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    Mel Sandberg on #163286

    Pedal harpists, if you haven’t seen this yet, check it out:

    If you have seen it, please advise what you think…….

    Fairy Reel on #163287

    Wow, Mel…that’s really something. Thanks for sharing.

    My only concern is, is the Pedal

    barbara-low on #163288

    If you go to the author’s bio page, she talks about the pedal indicator thing. To attached it to the harp, it requires 2 small holes drilled through the baseboard, and it can be removed.

    I can see that this could be useful if the person playing is a visual learner, really likes gadgets, and wants to add another layer of crash and burn protection, but whether the unit really “saves” your performance or not, I don’t know.

    Still, very inventive.

    Dwyn . on #163289

    I don’t understand why it couldn’t be installed without drilling a hole in the base of the harp.

    barbara-low on #163290

    Oops, only needs one 2mm hole drilled.

    rod-anderson on #163291

    So why not make it wireless? Not only would you not need to drill a hole in your harp, you could put it on the music stand, if you are using one (say mounted below the ledge, so that it wouldn’t interfere with page turning).


    Mel Sandberg on #163292

    Hi Dwyn

    I was so impressed with this, that I contacted the inventor, and launched some of the enquiries that I saw here.

    Dwyn . on #163293

    She really ought to mention on her website that it can be installed without drilling the hole.

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