Awaiting arrival of first harp. Have several questions

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    sheila reiss on #148996

    I have just purchased my first harp. I am awaiting it’s arrival. I have played classical piano for 44 years. I know music. I have always wanted to attempt to play the harp. However, I currently have financial restraints. I have purchased a 12 string Celtic Baby Harp. (octave 1/2..obviously). I have not seen sheet music online for this instrument. All of the music I have looked at is for at least 19 strings. Of course I could somewhat manipulate the music to compensate, but that would be time consuming. Are there any publications specific for 12 string beginner harp? Would you consider a 12 string lap harp a credible learning instrument? Your response would be greatly appreciated. I envy the enjoyment you all must attain from playing this instrument. I
    have had the wonderful experience of the piano for so many years. I am now very excited to begin this new musical adventure! Thank you in advance.

    Tacye on #148997


    sheila reiss on #148998

    Thank you Tayce. I appreciate your input. I hope in the not to distant future to upgrade. I will for the time being make use of this first instrument to learn individual hand technique. I also viewed the youtube video. A charming little melody on a charming (petite) instrument. For now I will play small and dream big. Best to you in the future. Again thank you for your time.

    Sheila R.

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