Ave Maria – Schubert

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    ann-maes on #156092

    Does anyone have a suggestion for this music for solo lever harp for a beginner/intermediate level?

    tony-morosco on #156093

    Not for beginner, but for intermediate to advanced you should check out Barbara’s books. She has a nice arrangement for lever harp in one of her Classics by Request books. Book 2. I can’t see this piece being done well as a beginner’s piece. The amount of simplification it would require would really kill the feel of it in my opinion.

    Actually, I just went and looked it up on Sylvia Wood’s site and it is available as an individual PDF download, so you can get just the one piece if you like, although I highly recommend the entire series. They are really great arrangements.

    Here is the link: http://www.harpcenter.com/product/pdf-download-brundage-class2-ave-maria/

    j-valentine on #156094

    A beginner one is in the book Little Hands play Weddings by Melinda Johnson ( A collection of ceremonial music arranged for beginning harpists)

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