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    unknown-user on #152051

    Hello everyone,
    i will be auditioning soon, and need some music – the conductor said i
    should audition with anything Ravel, Debussy or Stravinsky orchestral
    excerpts- would you happen to have one?
    Thank you very much,

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #152052

    Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun has two lovely harp parts that, combined, would make a nice audition piece for a student. It’s not difficult, but it’s got a showy quintuplet section at the beginning.

    unknown-user on #152053

    Thank you very much. I will start practicing it. I ordered Bullen’s Harp Book 1 and 2, which has the afternoon of a faun in it, already with her fingerings, so that i can concentrate on practicing it. 🙂

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