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    mwalker on #183809

    I have been asked to help one of my young students prepare two audition pieces. She is only 7 1/2, but she is quite precocious and can play comfortably at an intermediate level. She is auditioning for a music school in the UK, and she is listing harp as her 2nd instrument (violin is first). The only requirement for the harp pieces is that they be contrasting.
    I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with a child, and if they have repertoire recommendations? I’ll have about three months to prepare her, so the pieces cannot be too long or tricky.

    Alison on #184097

    depends entirely on the child but “El Numero Uno” in the Grandjany Wiedensaul book is listed as Trinity grade 2 & would provide contrast to the usual selection at that level……… opening chords are played pdlt evocative of a simple Spanish guitar chord followed by rhythmic knocking on the soundboard to set up the mood and the motif following, great novelty value for a young harpist but upon reflection she might be just too young musically for this, anyway see if she likes and ‘understands’ it.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #184307

    What do you mean by intermediate level? What has she learned recently?

    Biagio on #184323

    Lots to choose from there! Off the top of my head if Celtic is acceptable: a jig and a slow air. From my current music stand for an e.g. – Pipe on the Hob and Port na bPucai. Contrasting for sure and can be performed at different levels.


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