Au Matin by Tournier

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #212705

    In my copy of Tournier’s wonderful piece, Au Matin (Etude de Concert), I have noticed several printing mistakes, and I just noticed another one recently.
    1. In bar 10, the G’s in the top line are supposed to be F’s (I assume).
    2. In bar 88, there is a G flat in the bass staff, but no accidental on the G’s in the treble staff. I assume that the G’s are all supposed to be flat, but if they are not, then the low G flat could be played as an F#.
    3. In bar 89, I assume that the A in the sixteenth notes in the treble clef is supposed to be A flat.
    4. The sixth note of this figure is printed as a C, but it must be a D.

    Not a mistake, but just ideas:
    Bar 51 to 58, I use G#’s instead of the Ab’s.
    Bar 113: Play the Bb’s as A#’s; it makes it easier on the hands, and you already have the A# set.
    Bar 125: (Lentement): play E#’s instead of F’s in the first chord, just for ease of placing.The pedal is already set that way.

    Does anyone know:
    Is there a later edition that has corrected all these mistakes?
    Mine is Leduc, copyright 1940.

    Tacye on #212723

    I don’t follow your point 4? The third and sixth notes are the same in that pattern.

    Thank you for sharing them!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #212724

    Dear Tayce,

    Thank you! I just went back and looked at this. I see why I thought it was a D. There was no line through the note. But you’re right; it’s a C.

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