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    I am looking for information on Aslanian harps. I have a concert grand

    Denise Krasicki

    He filed a patent back in 1925 for a folk harp that had a pedal harp look similar to the L&H Prelude,


    I have an old Aslanian – “the Duchess”

    marian sussman

    I have an Aslanian concert grand 47 string art deco harp with a waterfall soundboard. It sounds great! The serial number is 4006 and it has leather around the lowest tuning pins through 6th octave B. The disc plate has Michial Aslanian and Son. There’s a gravesite in I presume this is one of their later harps, possibly the 6th harp of 1940? The column and base don’t have the finish work detail of the rest of the harp so my guess is that it may be a prototype. There’s a gravesite in LA county with his name from 1883-1972 and a smattering of references to him as a harp maker. Does anyone know anything about the playable harps such as this one? The string spacing and sound is as good as my older L & H harps. Has anyone worked on one?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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