Asking a college to rent a harp

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    HBrock25 on #167240

    Hi, I’m a senior and I’ve recently fallen in love with this

    unknown-user on #167241

    If you leave your harp at home what will happen to it? The cat might knock it over. Who will tune it? Isn’t it insured for replacement value? It should be. If you pack it properly, driving the harp to school won’t hurt it. Will you keep it in a dorm room or practice room? If you don’t have a private practice room, you should keep it covered, and you should consider buying a shipping trunk to keep it in; people have an unfortunate tendency to mess with the pedals when they see a harp unattended. You can ask the college, it’s not rude, but not so likely they’ll do it unless it’s easy and inexpensive or they have this sort of thing in the budget. I think your parents should relax a little and just make sure the harp is well-insured and protected. You must be able to practice freely.

    tony-morosco on #167242

    I agree with Saul. A harp is meant to be played. If you are away at school and the harp is just sitting there what is the benefit of owning it?

    Any pedal harp should be insured, and that should cover any problems that MAY occur at school.

    But the truth is that there is little more reason to expect a problem at school than at home. Who knows what may happen to the harp at home while you are not around.

    Get a good, padded, cover for it if you don’t have one, and take it to school with you so long as you have enough room for it (many dorm rooms are a bit on the small side so you may need to see if the school has a practice room that locks where the harp can be kept).

    I couldn’t imagine going off to school and not having a harp for four years.

    Asking the college is not rude, but are you going as a music major? If the harp is not involved in some way in your major I doubt they are going to spend money on renting one for you.

    HBrock25 on #167243

    Thanks for the advice.

    tony-morosco on #167244

    You should still probably have it insured. All of my lever harps are insured along with my guitars and my flute.

    unknown-user on #167245

    You can certainly ask the college to rent an instrument, but it is unlikely they will unless they will profit from it. Budgets are always tight. I have taught harp at various colleges and have had to personally supply instruments for a studio of students because of limited college budgets. The best solution is to insure your harp and bring it along. It is better to have an instrument with a couple of accidental scratches that produces beautiful music, than a pristine harp that is never played. If you are careful enough, you may even avoid the scratches. 🙂

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