articles about harpists helth problems, and remedy, solutions

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    unknown-user on #88685

    hello dear friends , can you recommend me where can i find articles connected to harpists health problems and solutions for that?

    unknown-user on #88686

    I don’t know of any specific articles on harp and health, but there are a lot of suggestions and problems here and there in the forums. I’m not aware of any health problems except physical injuries and conditions, or emotionally induced states.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #88687

    If you go to this web site,, you will find the journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists. There is also an excellent book by Dr. Richard Norris called “The Musician’s Survival Manual.”

    erin-wood on #88688

    A wonderful source is Erzsebet Gaal’s websiste:

    Under the teaching/lecturing link there are a lot of articles about specific harp problems and some recommended exercises and stretches.

    Lisa on #88689

    There is a good little book entitled “Preventing and Correcting Chronic Harp-Related Injury” by Laurie Riley and Michael MacBean.

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