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    Andelin on #185716


    I recently arranged a song for harp and two violins, and now it is complete, except perhaps a few notation marks, fingerings, etc.

    So I find myself asking, “What next?”

    If I wish to publish it, what do I need to do? I might write more songs, perhaps to put them together in a book. Is it ok to publish separately at first, and eventually together, or is it better to just pick one or the other?

    The song includes two tunes, both of which are public domain, so that simplifies it in the area of violating copyright laws.

    What if I were to arrange a song that isn’t public domain? How much more complicated (expensive) would it be to publish an arrangement?


    balfour-knight on #185732

    Andelin, you might want to get in touch with Angi Bemiss, Simply the Harp, in Atlanta, GA. She knows everything about this sort-of thing, and is always willing to help out.

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