Arrangements of “The minstrel`s adieu to his native land” ?

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    Anja G on #61652

    One of the harp pieces that has always and still does enchant me is John Thomas` “The minstrel`s adieu to his native land”. Not that by any means I am capable to play this piece – but it is my dream for the future. So could some of you perhaps recommend an arrangement (and publisher) that is good to practise for an amateur harpist (who started the harp as a adult)? I would be very grateful!
    Thank you, Anja

    Tacye on #61653

    This is an original harp composition, so not something I would expect to be arranged. I would say it is intermediate difficulty overall, though some variations are easier than others.

    Anja G on #61654

    Thanks Tacye!

    emma-graham on #61655

    If you look in this book,
    The Adagio by Croft is essentally the same melody but it is a very simple, short version.

    erin-wood on #61656

    There are two editions of this piece though. But the notes are all the same so go with the cheaper edition.

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