Arioso Bach transcribed by Yolanda Kondonassis

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    mr-s on #147215

    Any body played this piece of tow pages? Arioso sinfonia from cantata No 156 , my question is about the end bar the music ends with thirds E G , it sounds strange for me, maybe I am mistaken, your ideas will be appreciated.

    Han Hsieh on #147216

    Hi Basel,

    The score is the same

    mr-s on #147217

    Han what about the Tonic end ?

    sherry-lenox on #147218

    This is very interesting to me because of the music theory involved. As part of the cantata does it end on a V or other chord leading into the
    first chord of the next section?

    Looking forward to this mystery being resolved even if the final chord isn’t!


    kreig-kitts on #147219

    The end chord is designed to lead into the next movement. It’s so often played alone, but hearing it in context you can tell why it ends as it does.

    Han Hsieh on #147220

    I think Sherry already has the correct answer. This

    kreig-kitts on #147221

    Sherry it is a V-I from one movement to the next.

    I think there are two questions about the final chord for a person hearing the movement on its own, the final chord as a whole, and why the third an fifth of that chord are what you hear more.

    The measure lands on an F major chord, I since the movement is in F, and modulates to a C, the V chord. The C should be held while the F and A go through a little cadence and end up on E and G, making the C major chord.

    The next movement is also in F, so it’s a V-I from one movement to the next. In addition, that movement has a C as the pickup note, which could be why the C in the first movements final chord doesn’t get top honors. The change is more dramatic if the last thing you hear is the shift to E and G with the C in the background.

    Han Hsieh on #147222

    Kreig did a good job discribing how imperfect cadence

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147223

    I have always worked from the solo piano transcription by Alfred Cortot. Dewey Owens did a transcription direct from the score some years ago, but I prefer the Cortot.

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