are there any harp competitions out there besides ASTA and AHS?

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    cameron-huster on #167848

    I would like to compete in some competitions for pedal harp, but I
    don’t know how to find them. I’m 17 and I’ve been playing about 8
    years. Does anyone know of any other ones other than ASTA (which I
    missed the deadline) and AHS? I’d really appreciate any help:-)

    unknown-user on #167849

    if you go on yahoo or google, im sure you can find american harp society on a search. When there, i think you can order an application by mail or even print it yourslef. Its bout $25 for 1 year membership. 🙂

    unknown-user on #167850

    Steven, AHS stands for the American Harp Society. I think she already belongs to it…

    unknown-user on #167851

    oops, sorry next time ill read it over more carefully 🙂

    Evangeline Williams on #167852

    I believe there are Celtic & Scottish harp competitions, thru their respective organizations.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167853

    Contact your local musicians’ association. They may have brochures from
    local music competitions, which have not yet put harp in the roster. Get the
    ball rolling!

    unknown-user on #167854

    if you are interested in competing internationally, many competitions such as lily laskine (in france) have junior divisions. a good resource for this is the world harp congress’journal. also look for local competitions, for instance: concerto competions with youth orchestras, music society competitions, etc. good luck!

    unknown-user on #167855

    This competition is linked with Presidential Scholars.

    unknown-user on #167856

    There are regional and national competitions that include all instruments. Some are sponsored by professional orchestras. They are a great supplement or alternative to the usual harp competitions. Of which there are more than ever, by the way.

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