Are N.C. Bochsa and R.N.C. Bochsa the same?

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    phoebe-powell on #151669

    I’m trying to order “Quarante etudes faciles” by N.C. Bochsa, and Lyon & Healy has it, but it’s by R.N.C. Bochsa. I don’t know if it’s the same and I have been trying to find this book, because it is needed in the new harp syllabus.

    carl-swanson on #151670

    I’m sure they are the same composer. 40 Easy etudes is a standard.

    patricia-jaeger on #151671

    Yes, it’s at Lyon and Healy West and also at Lyra Music in the U.S., and at Pilgrim Harps in the U.K. Be sure it’s 40 studies, Opus 318. He has a collection of 50 studies that are not the same. The edition by Oberthur is in one volume. The one edited by Hasselmans is split into two, with 20 studies in each.

    phoebe-powell on #151672

    Thanks so much! I did order them from Lyon&Healy and yes they are the correct ones…whew!

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