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    As a twenty-year-old student at the University of Rochester, I’m

    trying to decide what activites to pursue in my adult life. I have

    been playing the harp for a little over ten years and am thinking

    about giving lessons. I am wondering–How well will I be able to

    support myself finicially as a harp teacher? I would appreciate any

    feedback as to what other harp teachers do.



    As someone who teaches harp (among other things) I would say it is POSSIBLE to make a living doing anything, but unless you love teaching, don’t bank on it as your career.


    I think you could support yourself, depending on how much you want to do it. It depends on a variety of factors, though, including, how many expenses will you have after you graduate? Student loans? Car payments, mortgage, rent, insurance? Are you supporting anyone but yourself? Is anyone else (parents, relatives, significant other) helping to support you, maybe until you get established in a career? What standard of living do you consider acceptable? Are you getting an education degree? Are you getting a Masters degree? Exactly what teaching options will be open to you?


    Hi, Kathryn. I haven’t met you yet. Do you know there’s a Rochester Harp Network that meets monthly Sept-May? Several of us are teachers; many are students. We’d love to have you. Our group is easygoing and informal; you can get a lot of answers!! Write me at Donna


    Great question! How many of us do? What percent of our income is from teaching? How big of a population does it take to provide enought students? Can you charge as much as a massage costs ($60 per hour)? Are certain types of areas better than others? City or suburbs? How do you manage to live near the wealthy areas? I’d like to hear about this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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