Are Gold Harps worth the extra $$$?

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    unknown-user on #167716

    Hi everyone. Im actually just curious. Does any one own a gold pedal
    harp? Ive found that the leafing adds approx. $11,000 to the prices
    of different harps. And, it is EXTREMELY impressive to look at, but
    i was told that after a few years, the gold leaf starts to sort
    of… “flake off” for instance, after transporting your harp
    somewhere and bringing it back, you’d find little flakes of gold on
    the floor. And, after a few years, the gold would turn an unpleasant
    green. So, i just want to know if any one has owned a gold pedal
    harp for a while, and if these rumors that i hear are true.


    Tacye on #167717

    ‘Gold’ paint will turn green as it contains copper, high quality
    gilding will not.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167718

    I have two gold harps, which are about 25 – 30 years old. The gold has been scraped here
    and there by the vicissitudes of harp moving, but I figure there’s not much point in getting
    them re-finished since they’re just going to get dinged again. Oh, well! The “distressed
    look” is very trendy right now in furniture, so my harps are right in style. They do both
    have gorgeous sound production. And, from a distance, they still look good.

    unknown-user on #167719

    If you can afford it I think it’s worth it. I like the look of the gold being worn away here and there, but now they make column covers to prevent that from happening. What’s exposed is the layers of clay underneath, which are rust and white. Perhaps they occasionally used green clay, but I’ve never seen it.

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