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    elisa-thorn on #214541

    Does anyone have any good app recommendations for learning music theory to use with students? Ideally looking one without lots of ads as this will probably be used with my younger students (so obviously don’t mind paying).
    There are so many out there and lots are a little too piano directed — just wondering if anyone has some good ones to recommend!
    Thanks 🙂

    ninervegas on #214912

    Hi! I would be interested in knowing of good apps as well. In the past I have used the online website It is a wonderful sight that has both music theory and ear training (something which most other theory learning sources I have found often don’t address). This site isn’t geared towards harpists specifically, and maybe is a little more geared towards piano; but I have actually found that slightly helpful for my harp students. They have an easier time visualizing half/whole steps, major/minor chords, etc. on a piano keyboard rather than on the strings of the harp.

    Biagio on #214913

    These are not apps but excellent and specific to the harp, both by Ray Pool:

    3’s A Chord
    1 2 3 Play

    There are video recordings available as well.

    wil-weten on #214927

    I love Sylvia Woods’ Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for All Harps. I think it’s a great introduction to music theory, especially for those of us that like hands-on learning.

    Elettaria on #214931

    Also not an app, but this online course is excellent. My partner and his sister have both done it and learned a huge amount. They say its really accessible for beginners, too.

    shoshanna-godber on #221315

    Not sure if you’re looking for more advanced music theory, but my favourite note reading apps are Flashnote derby and NoteWorks. They’re both geared towards children.

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