Aoyama harps? Pedal harps please :D

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    Abby Jacobs on #165716

    Hey, I was looking at an Aoyama harp that I love the look of! I’ve never heard of that brand before though. I only started playing about 3 years ago… Does anyone have a Aoyama Pedal harp that they can give a review of? Is it worth buying? Here’s the link:

    You guys think its a good harp or a waste of money? I’m a complete noob about these things, so thanks to everyone who helps.
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    Sylvia Clark on #165717

    Perhaps you’d get more response if you posted under the forum “Harps and Accessories.”

    unknown-user on #165718

    Do people actually go on the forums page to look for posts? I only check the front page, which this post is on.

    Also, she’s only looking for a general review of the manufacturer, so a model, size etc. is not really pertinent.

    Aoyamas are very nice harps. I like another brand personally, but they have a nice warm sound and excellent clarity. I was not as impressed with the bass and treble ranges as the mid range, but it is definitely a manufacturer to keep in mind.

    Another consideration is that there is limited availability for maintenance outside Japan. For instance – and I don’t know where you are, so this might not be helpful – in the US, the only place, as I understand it, that you can get an Aoyama maintenanced is at the west coast distributor, which is in Oregon or Washington.

    Hope that helps,

    Sylvia Clark on #165719

    Sorry, I didn’t go to the link, or I would have seen the info…DUH….but I still think the other place is better to post because there are people on the forum who have Aoyamas, and they might not go here, not being young…I go here out of curiosity, as I’m certainly not young. I have

    Tacye on #165720

    Actually the model is very pertinent – I find the Princess Sakura very different to the other Aoyamas I have played.

    Charles on #165721


    Two years ago I

    Abby Jacobs on #165722

    Hey, thank you guys for the help! I’m new here, so sorry if I didn’t post in the right section. Also, I did read one other post about Aoyama harps, but it seemed that they were posting about lever harps, so I made this post! I think I’ll think about it some more and read over your posts again. Thanks again! (✿。◠ ‿ ◠。)

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