Anyone Have Experience with a Venus Harp?

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    susan-knapp-thomas on #77134

    Hi, All: Does anyone own or have experience with a Venus Harp? I have a student looking at one, and I don’t have much experience with them. Are repairs easy? Parts compatible with Lyon and Healy or Salvi, or necessary to purchase Venus parts separately? Any quirks that you know of? Thanks in advance–

    hannah-anderson on #77135

    Venuses are great harps, and I’m never afraid to let people know that 🙂 Because they’re made so similarly to L&H’s, I can always get mine regulated and repaired by L&H techs.
    Plus, I really don’t think you can find better customer service anywhere. . .Venus Harp Company is incredible in the way they take care of their harps and the people that own them. It just blows me away everytime I come in contact with them.
    I’d definitely recommend them. Venuses are very, very durable and “heavy duty” and at the same time usually quite exquisite in their ornamentation.
    I would be cautious about buying a used Venus, but, like buying any used harp, it’s always better to ask questions before buying than finding out later :/
    Best of luck! and if the Venus your student is looking at doesn’t work, I’m selling my Venus semi-grand 🙂 not entirely sure it’s “legal” to say that in a comment. . .but oh well!
    Hope this helps

    patricia-jaeger on #77136

    Susan, agreeing with Heather, above, Venus harps are fine. I used to have another brand of harp, made in 1929, and when a 1990 Venus Encore (46 strings with bottom C but lacking the high OOG) came available from its first owner and was lighter weight to transport as well as having newer technology, and a lovely warm tone and a good price, I wanted a change, for all those reasons. I will keep this harp indefinitely.

    eliza-morrison on #77137

    I have a Venus Encore and am very happy with it. It has lots of warmth and depth, a huge sound, and an especially gorgeous second octave. At first I thought it was the strings, but realize now it’s just this particular instrument. It is heavy, but worth the extra weight to transport to gigs where a lot of volume is essential.

    carl-swanson on #77138

    Susan- I think the same advice applies to any used harp for sale, regardless of the make. Have a technician look it over for any structural problems. Then it comes down to the personal taste of the buyer. Does she like the sound? The ‘look’ of the instrument? Does it feel comfortable to play? She should spend several hours if possible, on two different days, to figure out if it is the instrument for her.

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