Anyone going to Somerset?

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    Leigh Griffith on #164554

    Hi All,

    I would really like to go to the festival this year at least
    to try out as many harps as I can. The thing is that we are really on a
    shoestring budget, and the more I pay for transportation and lodging,
    the less I have to spend on a harp. My question is this, are any of you
    located near the venue who could either let my hubby and I sleep on a
    couch for a couple of nights, or do you know of relatively inexpensive
    accommodations not too far from the venue? We will definitely want to
    ‘crash’ after driving 600+ miles from northern Maine.


    unknown-user on #164555

    I wish I were going.

    unknown-user on #164556

    Off topic, as I am not in Somerset, but if I was you could definitely crash at our place.

    Leigh Griffith on #164557

    Hi Rosemary,

    Some folks say there are two Maines, but I think there are three or
    four! There is the “techno-rich” south, the coast(fishermen and people
    ‘from away’), the inland (loggers and the few struggling dairy farms)
    and Aroostook County in the north (potatoes, logging, broccoli and a
    wind farm). (For those who don’t know, Aroostook County, Maine is the
    largest county east of the Mississippi River.) Houlton is the county
    seat of Aroostook County. I am not a “county girl”, I have only been
    here six years. Looking at a map, I would guess we are 4 to 4 1/2 hours
    north of Camden.

    I would love to get to your side of the world some day! The spare room
    sounds great, but I bet the couch is comfy, too! (Beggars can’t be

    Anyway, I hope to hear from someone who is in the area of the festival.
    Maybe you folks know of some decent place to stay that doesn’t charge
    corporate rates?


    Oh, and ‘ayuh’ is

    unknown-user on #164558

    Hi Leigh,

    Thanks for the translation of Ayuh…the people I stayed with in Camden were lovely people that grown up on an island off of Maine with only a handful of families – now overtaken by the rich and famous….Their Ayuh was definitely the real thing!

    The North sounds wonderful. I like the term people “from away”. We have a similar term here for those not from Tassie “mainlanders” – as Tasmania is an Island of the southern coast of Australia. I’m a mainlander, you really have to be 2 or 3 generations Tasmanian

    unknown-user on #164559

    Is there anyway to find room mates?

    Leigh Griffith on #164560

    Well, doesn’t it figure that I left my brochure at rehearsal this
    morning? I do believe that there is a place on the registration form to
    say that you are looking for a roommate. Check out their website:

    It is looking like I will probably only be there for a day to check out
    the vendors as I really want to save as much as possible toward my next
    harp. I would love to take some workshops, but that may not be a
    possibility this year.

    unknown-user on #164561

    Oh, and ‘ayuh’ is

    Leigh Griffith on #164562

    The only time I lived near the coast was in the early ’80’s when my
    husband taught in Eastport, so I haven’t heard the Ayuh as much as I
    might have.

    A friend of mine was recalling a time when she and her (then) young son
    were at a comedy night with Marshall Dodge. As people were laughing, he

    Leigh Griffith on #164563

    hehehehe my parents are from Maine… my dad’s family is from Sandy Point (near Stockton Springs and Bucksport)

    Near what used to be Hersey Retreat?

    unknown-user on #164564

    Yes, exactly!!!

    unknown-user on #164565

    I am looking for a female nonsmoking roommate for Somerset.

    Leigh Griffith on #164566

    Well, it’s going to mean a little less in my harp purchasing budget,
    but my hubby and I decided to do the drive and stay at the Doubletree.
    We will only be there for the first day (the 19th). We are driving down
    the 18th and back up the 20th. Looks like about 605 miles each way (and
    I have a quilt show the next weekend). I hope I get to meet some of you
    there! Ellie, have you found a roommate yet?


    Leigh Griffith on #164567

    BIG Oops! I’m going down on the 19th and be there the 20th, not the 18th and 19th as previously stated!

    Sorry for any confusion!

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