Anyone else having trouble signing in?

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    sherry-lenox on #163213

    I’ve tried all the basics-

    Checked the server

    Checked the connections

    Beat on the screen with my 4 pound mallet

    Nothing seems to be working. Something keeps making me sign off and sign back in.

    Leigh Griffith on #163214

    Hmm, testing. I just logged in without a problem. Maybe it is fixed by now?

    rod-c on #163215

    Hi Sherry:

    I didn’t have any problem logging in. There have been times when I have had to type in my user name and password a couple of times—like it doesn’t recognize them. I repeated …until I got it.


    Rod C.

    sherry-lenox on #163216

    It’s still not working correctly. If I should disappear from view over a period of time it’s because of this computer, in which case I’ll see if I can back on using my husband’s computer.

    Fairy Reel on #163217


    I couldn’t access half of the forums yesterday and couldn’t get the site up at all this morning. Maybe the site is having difficulties?

    Hope it resolves itself!

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