Anybody played one of the NEW Lyon and Healy 17s?

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    kathy-chanik on #218217

    I’m lusting after those new 17s, but I wouldn’t want to order one without hearing some reviews first. L&H stopped making the old 17s (semi-grand with 46 strings) several years ago and then within the last year or so starting making them again, but now they have 47 strings in what they call a “concertino” version, slightly smaller than a full concert grand. And sometimes with a new model there are “bugs” to be worked out…

    So, has anybody tried one and have any comments on tone, string spacing or tension? Ergonomic feel? Maybe there will be one at the AHS festival in California coming up soon?

    emma-graham on #218335

    I used to own one of the old 46 string ones when they were gold. It was a beautiful harp. The size was great and it had a gorgeous, rich tone. It just wasn’t quite loud enough for the kind of work I was doing so I swapped it for an 11. I actually miss it now that amplification has improved as I could just have boosted the volume easily now. I did try the new ones at the WHC in Sydney but I was very disappointed with the sound. They just didn’t seem to have the richness of tone that I remember. To be honest I was surprised that I didn’t like any inf the Lyons on display there. None compared favourably to my style 23 or 11. Not sure why. It wasn’t the acoustic as other makes sounded fine!! (The Kim Webby harp was to DIE for!)

    kathy-chanik on #218358

    Thank you so much, Emma-that’s great info. Just what I need to know…

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