Any young male harpists what to chat???

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    unknown-user on #168163

    Hey! im 13 and I’ve been playing for about 3 and a half years or so.
    I’d love to talk to any other harpists! It would be nice to have
    another male harpist to talk to! 🙂

    *my screen name is Sugarhigh1290


    alexander-rider on #168164

    hi steven, my name is alex , i’m 15 and i live in the U.K. i play a lever harp (a pilgrim clarsach, a good, solid, english harp!) but i would love to progress to a big pedal harp someday. i would also like to chat to another male harpist and it would also be nice to chat to someone from another country.

    unknown-user on #168165

    Hi. I’m 13 y.o. Russian boy and I play a big pedal harp more than 7 years. I performed in Switzerland, Czechia, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Lithuania. Please visit my web-site I’d love to meet any male harpist!

    unknown-user on #168166

    I would like to chat with any other male harpists too. I’m from Turkey and I’ve been playing harp for a year and half.Also you guys, do you know anything about russian harps? I’ve heard about a harp maker in St.Petersbourg. Are there other makers in Russia?

    unknown-user on #168167

    Hello. My name is Eli Goldbloom. I am 10 and I love harp. I

    unknown-user on #168168

    mi name is ivan gomez, i live in mexico, i am 16 years old and i have 8 years playing harp, here in mexico not everybody plays harp, and i am writing here to met some young harpist jajajajajja
    mi email is
    atte ivan

    Guy Betts on #168169

    I`m Guy, i’ve been doing harp for about 8 years now, i`m 15, and it’d be great to talk to some other harpists my age…my msn address is

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