Any young harpist have aim?

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    unknown-user on #166928

    Hi, I’m Leah. I’m 14 but I’ll be 15 in March..I’ve been playing the
    harp for about, um… a little over a year now. But I really want
    some harpist friends, so if ya wanna know more about me or just wanna
    chat im me!! aim s/n Lerbabe07

    unknown-user on #166929

    Hi!!! I’m 15 years old. And I’m playing the harp since one and a half year. Where are you from? I’m from Germany. My hometown is Bonn. I would be glad if you write back.


    PS: Sorry, my English isn’t very good.

    unknown-user on #166930

    Hey! My name is Serina, i’d

    unknown-user on #166931

    Hi! My name is Andie. I’m 12 (13 in August) and I’ve been playing the harp for 2 1/2 years now! It’s nice to know that there are more young harpists out there! You can e-mail me at

    -Andie R.

    unknown-user on #166932

    Hi, I’m Kelli and I am turning 15 in June. I would love to have some harpist friends so if you want to im me back my sn is hrpmaiden.

    unknown-user on #166933

    Hi, I’m Brianna. Great to know there are other young harpists out there!

    laura-stokes on #166934

    Hi I am Laura I am 15 and i have been playing harp for nearly 8 years. I’d love to talk to other young harpists. laurapakora2

    HBrock25 on #166935

    Hi,I am Ana Marija and I am from Serbia.
    This year we have international competition in Serbia and I am glad.But I am wondering is there any competitions in Europe?This year I was in Cardiff and I liked that and now I am looking for another competition.
    I would be glad if you would know.

    Josiah hahaha on #166936

    Im Josiah im 17 I would love to talk to other harpist my aim is josiahlalala

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