Any Salzedo Teachers in Sydney?

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    Yes, Louise Johnson of the Sydney Symphony is indeed a Salzedo player, who studied with Alice Chalifoux. She has taken private pupils from time to time, depending on performance commitments. You can contact her through the orchestra – they have a website if you do a search for them.

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    Hi Leonard,

    Here are some web addresses that may be of help to you.

    There is a page on the Sydney Symphony Website that has a biography of Louise Johnson.

    You could also write to her care of the orchestra:

    GPO Box 4338, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia.

    Alice Giles also offers a summer course, that you may be interested in finding out about. And there is a contact email address for her on that site.

    Alice also has a website with some rather interesting soundbites on it and info on her:

    Hope this is of interest and help.

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    Hi Rosemary!
    Thank you so much for all the information!

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    Glad to hear you got that info Leonard. If you want any other advice about learning in Australia, feel free to email me privately.

    Good luck with your studies, and I hope you enjoy sunny Sydney or Canberra!

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