Any Recommendations for Music Theory book? – Good for a beginner

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    Neka Borders on #159838


    I am just begining to play the harp, and want to get some basic music theory under my belt prior to formal lessons. Does anyone have a recommendation?


    tony-morosco on #159839

    Music Theory for the Folk Harp by Sylvia Woods is a fairly light and easy to understand guide.

    The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory is actually a great introduction and you don’t really need to be an idiot to use it ;^)

    Eddly’s Music Theory for Practical People is another excellent guide to music theory for beginners.

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory begins by teaching the basics of

    patricia-jaeger on #159840

    The internet site is a free, animated, interactive site that is good for basic music theory. Give it a try, with or without any printed book.

    rosalind-beck on #159841

    Kathy Bundock Moore has a series called “Music Theory At The Harp,” I believe it’s called, published in four volumes/workbooks.

    janelle-lake on #159842

    Ray Pool’s “3’s a Chord” rocks.

    sherry-lenox on #159843

    My problem with Eddley’s book is that it goes into jazz chords pretty early in the game. Since theory and harmony are the bane of my musical existence, I needed something very fundamental.

    I don’t know the “Idiot’s” or “Dummies” theory books, but some of the other students in my basic Theory college level course liked it quite a lot.

    karen on #159844

    I have not had any luck hunting down the Kathy Bundock Moore harp theory books there were mentioned on this post. If anyone has any luck and can share where they found them, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

    patricia-jaeger on #159845

    The Kathy Bundock Moore Theory Books are now published by David Kolacny, who has Kolacny Music Shop, in Denver, Colorado.

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