Any hope for cracked column?

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    HBrock25 on #157285

    My column is cracked and starting to split, is there any hope for it?

    anita-burroughs-price on #157286

    I’d contact the builder immediately.

    michael-rockowitz on #157287

    I’ve built some very basic stringed instruments, and have done basic/relatively simple setup and repairs on violins, so I’ll give you some advice that I don’t think will harm your harp any further.

    Julie Mathews on #157288

    Thanks guys, contacting the builder is not an option, its a cheap pakistan pixie, but I love it.

    Dwyn . on #157289

    I’d suggest patching it up with a good epoxy.

    Alice Avery on #157290

    Hi, Julie,

    Tacye on #157291

    Screws across the crack might be an idea to serve double duty as clamping the crack for glue and strengthening in their own right.

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