Any help for a total beginner? A Noob

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    HBrock25 on #158096

    Hello to everyone on this foruml, im

    Tacye on #158097

    Hi Peter, There are some tutorials on youtube which are linked from the Teifi website which are worth looking at.

    Unless you have one already you will almost certainly want an electronic tuner to help you keep the instrument in tune.

    Rachel on #158098

    There are some free videos here:

    For free sheet music, I’ve gathered many sources here:

    But, in all fairness to the artists who put a lot into their work, it would be good to spend a few dollars and get a

    Peter Green on #158099

    Thanks as this link seems a good place to start and I have a guitar tuner and also a tuner app on my iphone

    Peter Green on #158100

    Thanks but im really after learning how to pluck the strings etc as the sgeet music is no good as I havent a clue on how to read it etc, Im not going to learn to read music as I want to simply learn to play by plucking.

    deb-l on #158101

    try Sylvia Woods book,

    John McK on #158102

    I would consider taking a workshop or a few lessons, if possible. In the long run it will be well worth the costs.

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