Any harpist in East Lothian or Edinburgh ? Meetups?

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    shonacelticharp on #234855

    Hello, I am a beginner and so far self taught harper. I live on the outskirts of Edinburgh and would like to meet likeminded peeps for social and casual harp meets. Harper’s are pretty rare so here I am .I am 32 years old,arty,crafty,foodie, like wine,nature/camping,boardgames and cooking as well as learning to play my wire strung clarsach. If those things resonate with you then drop me a line and lets have a coffee. 🙂

    Tacye on #234864

    Have you looked into the clarsach society?

    shonacelticharp on #234865

    Yes I have asked and there are no social meets as such. Looking forward to the Edinburgh harp festival next year,may find some local harpist to meet with.

    Tacye on #235031

    Also more musical than social but this Saturday:

    shonacelticharp on #244186

    I am now playing a nylon strung harp , in the off chance anyone my local looks at this post and wants to jam together :).
    If you live somewhere else, Hello tjere and thanks for looking.

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