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    I recently had one of the prongs break off of the disc on one of my bass wires. I’ve ordered the new one and have Carl Swanson’s harp maintenance book open to the disc page…but I’m totally terrified and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me! The regulators were in town only a few months ago and won’t be back until next spring 🙁

    Any advice would be welcome…as I read the ‘how to change a disc’ instructions I feel like an unqualified person trying to do open heart surgery.


    I am not sure if it is in the book or not, but mark the position of the old disk so you can put the new one at nearly the right angle first try. I have used a line drawn on a bit of the stickier sort of postit marker.

    Sherj DeSantis

    Do you have a harp teacher with some experience to help you change it? I admit, I would call my tech Paul, and drive over to see him. I’m sorry if you don’t have that option. Did you check You Tube for a video? Best of luck. Sherj

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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