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    kay-lister on #155636

    About a month ago my husband, through channel surffing (drives me crazy!!!) said he came accross the Antiques Road Show and someone had brought in an old harp that they had purchased in an antique store for a couple thousand (I think that was the price) anyway, the road show experts said her harp was worth, I believe between 60 – 70 thou. Anyone see this and know the details of the harp, make, etc.? WAS IT ANY OF YOU THAT PURCHASED IT? I’m still looking for my $20.00/$50,000.00 treasure. Maybe someday, although I’m not holding my breath. A good week to you all.


    Julie Albertson on #155637

    I saw that episode (my Tivo thankfully caught it for me).

    Pat Eisenberger on #155638

    I think she wasn’t shocked because she knew that harps are almost always pricey

    unknown-user on #155639

    I think she wasn’t shocked because she already knew it isn’t worth anything close to that…unfortunately…

    Paul Knoke has more information about this harp and its owner. Paul?

    Julie Albertson on #155640

    So sorry; I was only trying to make a little joke that she was shocked. I just think that if you purchased anything – a bottle of Lafite-Rothschild, a box of Pop Tarts from Justin Timberlake’s garbage, Anna Nicole’s diaries, whatever – for a few hundred dollars and someone said it was worth tens of thousands of dollars (or over $500,000 for the diaries), you might at least say something like, “Wow.” It was sort of cute that she had no reaction. Could have been in the editing as well.

    When I’m on a gig and someone asks me the price of one of my harps (I have a Venus Diplomat, Venus Protege and L&H Troubadour), I say, “How much do you think it costs?” And 9 times out of 10 they reply, “$1,000.” I usually say, “I wish,” and tell them the price range of harps and automobiles can be about the same, then they get a glazed look in their eyes.

    I would guess the Naderman harp isn’t playable but there must be some amount of historical value, plus it was simply a beautiful instrument. I hope to hear some sort of follow-up. At the very least, it was cool to see a harp on the show.

    Evangeline Williams on #155641

    Antique harps-different people would pay different prices.

    HBrock25 on #155642

    Found this as a comment under a CD of harp music…

    niina on #155643

    When I started reading your comment Kay, I was getting ready to go onto BBC iPlayer to check it out, until I saw the amounts in dollars and the date of your comment. Then I realised that America must now have an Antiques Roadshow as well. I would have loved to see that Harp.
    The first pedal Harp I had was my my teacher’s 120 year old Erard.

    jessica-wolff on #155644

    I have a 200+-year-old Erard (single-action ram’s-head), not in playing order, but just looking at it every morning inspires me.

    michael-rockowitz on #155645

    Hi to all,

    Here’s info on that Antiques Road Show video, a picture of the harp, and the actual video (on Firefox, I needed to download a plug-in to view the video in HQ).

    Antiques Road Show – Harp


    kay-lister on #155646

    Michael – thanks for posting this.

    rod-c on #155647


    What I am about to tell you is not 100% reliable, but this is what I recall.

    I’m wondering if that show was a rerun from a few years ago.

    kay-lister on #155648

    Rod – LOL . . . yeah, let’s talk memory ;-).

    lisa-rhea on #155649

    You can see the harp? Go to:

    kreig-kitts on #155650

    My brother and I joked before about how somebody finds out their

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