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    kay-lister on #164698

    To my lever harp friends – what do you use to anchor your strings/knots within the sound box. I have heard of several different items used from nylon pieces to paper clip parts.

    Kelly R on #164699

    I use cut up pieces of other stings (larger ones)

    unknown-user on #164700

    Yep, me too, cut up bits of 5th octave strings.

    tony-morosco on #164701

    Like the others, I use a piece of a thicker string.

    tony-morosco on #164702

    Oh, and an interesting tidbit. There is an actual name for that anchor. It is called a Spline.

    The late Mr. Henry of International Music Inc. taught me that.

    unknown-user on #164703

    Hmm… So interesting to see all the different results.. LOL I personally use a round leather washer(spelled right? LOL) and a bead!! Isn’t that different!?!? Haha

    rod-c on #164704

    Hi Kay:

    harpglo-jean on #164705

    I also use the same thing as Response No. 6….”a washer and a bead”….

    Evangeline Williams on #164706


    What was Mr. Henry like?

    tony-morosco on #164707

    He was a very nice person, and knew more about harps than anyone I ever met. When I was just learning he was very patient with me as well. He would check gauges on strings I needed to replace because I could never figure out the correct way to identify them. He would find almost any piece of music I wanted. He even gave me instructions on how to make a carrying case for my first harp out of an old sleeping bag.

    And of course he introduced me to the woman who became my harp teacher.

    I remember his office was a mess, piles of music and books everywhere, but his workshop on the second floor was always immaculate. The first time I visited when I was looking to buy my first harp he led me upstairs and turned on the light and I saw lines and lines of harps. It was the first time I had ever seen that many harps in one place and it was absolutely amazing.

    He was a bit old fashioned at times. I think that he liked to see men take up the harp because it had become so associated as a “woman’s instrument”, and so I often got the feeling he was extra encouraging to me because of that.

    unknown-user on #164708

    Hi Evangeline,

    Miss Chalifoux spoke very highly of him. I also heard he was very kind to students, and had good harps in his showroom that he would allow the students to come and play.

    Mary Ellen Fitzgerald on #164709

    I bought a used Hidden Valley Harp this year and they have a little metal bar.

    Mary Ellen Fitzgerald on #164710

    Yikes- I’m sorry.

    Evangeline Williams on #164711

    What about beads?

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