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    David Ice on #197365

    It never ceases to amaze me the strange requests (and people) I continue to encounter during my journeys as a harpist.

    This email came in a couple of days ago.   I can not find the words to comment.

    From the bride:
    <p class=”MsoPlainText”>Next, we would like to talk about trying to see if you can play a waltz that my mom is able to sing to because she wants to sing at our wedding. I have cc’d my mom to this email. Could you please let us know which waltz songs you can play so that my mom can pick the one she can sing to.</p>

    God Help Me.

    Dave Ice

    paul-knoke on #197366

    “Whispering Hope”?

    czenzilee on #197367

    My first reaction is that you should email back that you can play the “Tsuki no Waltz” and see how good her mom’s Japanese pronunciation and knowledge of anime is.

    Sylvia on #197370

    I would ask the bride what waltz her mom wants to sing and assure her that if I have the music, I will be able to accompany her.

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