Another Lap Harp Dilemma

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    annagrace on #217387

    Firstly I would like to apologize for starting another ”which harp” thread, as I have read quite a few in the last couple of weeks.

    I was looking at the Limerick Harp Kit ( which has to be imported from the US, I am in the UK)
    County Kerry 24 by Noteworthy
    Salvi Juno 25 ( found one from a website called Thomann?)

    I need something REALLY small for traveling. I am away from home for 4 months every year and it has to fly across the world with me with with multiple airline changes.

    I also considered a Harpsicle, but it seems to be the tallest of the lot. (I know it’s an awful thing to be choosing by the size).

    I am a complete beginner and would have rather preferred a 34 string floor harp, but we might have to move from our current address and then I would not be able to take it with, unless it is REALLY portable as we might be moving internationally.

    It is really hard to find a small harp in the UK (also because most are imported and for example County Kerry 24 is sold here for 1200-1500 GBP).

    I will be leaving again in 5 months, so even renting is an issue with many places offering 12 month contracts and then I will have to leave it for 4 months… with current uncertain future I cant commit to a lengthy contract but would rather buy something small.

    I hope the above makes sense…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, other than to give it up, which might be the only sensible one, but who wants the sensible advice anyway? 🙂
    PS I dont drive and am struggling to find a teacher in my area, but might be able to get to one when we leave the current address, before then I think it would be fun to learn from youtube all sorts of bad habits. :o)

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    wil-weten on #217392

    The question is, what do you mean by ‘really portable’?

    Did you have a look at Morley Harps in the UK?

    Depending on what you are looking for, you may have look at the Ravenna (26 strings) Aoyama Saul (25 strings) or the Triplett Zephyr (22 strings). I don’t know how difficult it would be to fly by plane with them, though.

    There’s an interesting little harp with very low tension but with a sweet tone: It has a sturdy cardboard soundbox and you can find several youtube clips with people playing on them. You could even put levers on this harp. And it is possible to order a separate new cardboard soundbox later on.

    Biagio on #217419

    None of the harps mentioned except the Zephyr and Backyard harp would fit in an overhead compartment so there’s that to consider. The Limerick, while a nice kit harp, is pretty heavy for it’s size. Sometimes an airline will let you store one in the coat or crew spaces but you have to make arrangements in advance. All things considered then it might be best to buy something like the a Ravenna and a hard shell case.


    annagrace on #217425

    Many thanks for your replies! I will look into those mentioned!

    I also stumbled across double strung Brittany and wondering that could be an option, as an import… wonder how does one find out the customs/vat charges in advance.

    Anyone from the UK with an import history?

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