Another Harpmobile Question!

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    unknown-user on #75759

    Greetings fellow harpists!

    john-strand on #75760

    Hi Melissa –
    I would suggest that you take your harp with you to the dealership and actually try loading your own harp in whatever car you are interested in buying – don’t let the salespeople help if they should offer – there could be details peculiar to your harp and your loading technique – it’s worth the time and effort to discover if there will be problems and just exactly how your harp and your “stuff” (and also you)

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #75761

    An excellent suggestion….and sometimes they will let you take the car home and try to load the harp there. The dealer allowed that with mine.

    Be very careful when loading/unloading into a strange car. There are things around tailgates which are unique to each car which can be in the way when you load. I found that out on my Element. There is a metal “clip” of sorts that juts out at the back which my kneeblock caught. I ended up with a minor (but oh it freaked me out so bad I had a technician look at it)

    unknown-user on #75762

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Chris Asmann on #75763

    Well, I’m not going to carry more than one passenger, but my harp fits in my brand new Mini Clubman!

    Sid Humphreys on #75764

    You can also take your dust cover to the dealership and see if it fits with no problem, make note of which vehicles work with this methood before actually bringing your harp to double check the fit. This can eliminate lots of cars and save your back from loading and unloading all day.

    barbara-brundage on #75765

    This works fine if you are looking at huge square vehicles, but for smaller cars, cars with angled back windows, it’s totally possible for the cover to fit fine but for there not to be enough height clearance for the base of the harp, so don’t rely only on this, although it can be useful for weeding out definite no-goes.

    Jennifer Ellis on #75766

    What news on your end, Melissa?

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