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    Alison on #205522

    Would you ever buy a harp, simply to teach on it seems like a total cost sink to me…(?)

    Gretchen Cover on #205531

    I bought an almost new semi-grand harp just for rehearsals, practicing and small gigs.  I decided to dedicate my good concert grand that I used for a recent recording for big occasions. Why have someone  else put wear and tear on a harp that is special to you.  I would have a teaching harp unless you are playing on a harp you don’t care about.

    Biagio on #205535

    Many teacher who I know have several harps, some of which they purchased as student rental instruments.  In a few instances the student has an option to buy it.  I suppose it depends on the teacher and the prospective students but for many a decent lever harp or two is a good investment. And/or as Gretchen says a smaller pedal harp can also be nice to have.

    andy-b on #205546

    If you teach both lever and pedal, it only makes sense to have both available during lessons. I had a teacher who only had pedal harps. I only had lever. So I would practice pieces with lever changes all week at home, and then not know how to make the pedal changes during a lesson, since I couldn’t practice that way.

    Sylvia on #205559

    I agree with Alison.  It would take a long time to earn back the amount you would spend buying a harp.

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