Another harp car post… but I have specific questions!!!

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    harpglo-jean on #149789

    Hi, I drive an ’09 Toyota Highlander, and I love it! It comfortably transports my big Dusty 36, with harp bench, and all my other accessories.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #149790

    I am an Australian expert as of this week.

    laura-palmieri on #149791

    Hi Lydia,

    Did you buy your harp car? I am still in the process of looking for my harp car and just came across the Kia Sorento. It fits my concert grand perfectly and you can get a new one for a good price. But I don’t know too much about them so I can’t really recommend them. Maybe someone here owns a Kia Harp Car that has worked for them??( I didn’t want to start a new post about Kia cars, so I decided to continue on this one) I love all the Honda models though like the pilot and highlander but they are so expensive even used. Just thought I’d ask! Hope you found a good one that your happy with!


    barbara kraichy on #149792

    I have a 2005 Kia Sedona. I love it. It holds my L&H 22. It’ll fit a 23 and there’s still room for a troubador. Plus room for two benches and a fold up music stand. Though I’m still making payments at least it’s affordable.

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