Andriessen Intermezzo FL_HP

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    J P on #150257

    I was wondering if any of you who studied with Chalifoux or Lawrence happen to have specefic markings for the piece?

    wendy-willis on #150258

    I just ran accross my copy somewhere in my

    J P on #150259

    Hi Wendy,

    That would be great, thanks!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150260

    I’m trying to remember if Miss Lawrence found it acceptable or not. She did really like the Cavatina by Henk Badings. I have my own markings, I know.

    wendy-willis on #150261

    I need your mailing address.

    wendy-willis on #150262


    I would love a copy of Miss Lawrences markings of Cavattina if you have it.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150263

    I’m sorry, I haven’t a spare minute now. I have done my own markings, which if you remind me, I’ll bring to DC this fall when I do my master class. The principle to follow is to create some kind of uniform fingering as much as possible, which is hard as he keeps changing the figuration! I might have a segment I can send you.

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