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    Nancy Edwards on #234879

    I recently bought the K&K Big Twin pick-up for my Lyon & Healy Prelude 38, thanks to the post from Talfryn writing about it.
    Now I’m hoping to get some recommendations for acoustic amps. On the same thread, Talfryn was writing about the Yamaha THR5A, and somewhere someone was mentioning a Roland mobile Cube. Does anyone have any other comments about these amps or recommendations for others, preferably $200 or under? The only music store in my (small) town has closed, so I can’t just go to a store and try out different amps, so I’ll have to order one untried from a website -maybe Guitar Center? I’d like to have confidence in the amp I choose before ordering one so I hopefully won’t have to return it.

    Taras Jones on #234929

    The Roland mobile cube is quite small and wont give you much extra volume. It may be worth going a step up and getting the Roland street cube. Do you need it to be able to run off batteries? If not, try the Roland Cube 30. I use dusty strings pickups and they sound better through the Cube 30 however that amp can not run on batteries.

    Talfryn on #234998

    Hello Nancy and Taras
    Yes Nancy I bought the Yamaha THR5A, but tried a few of the portable amps under 200 euros. The two which stood out were the Yamaha and the Roland mobile cube, the others seemed very cheaply made.
    To my taste the Yamaha had the best reproduction of the sound of my harp, the Roland was louder, but it didn’t give me the same impression as the Yamaha, the harp I am using is 30 string nylon and the nylon emulation on the Yamaha amp pretty much just amplifies the normal sound. For me, in this mode, the harp sounds the same just louder. My wife, who isn’t a musician also preferred the Yamaha. In the group I play with the mandolin player uses the Roland Mobile cube and it works very with his mandolin.
    I also bought rechargeable aa batteries and a cheap charger from Amazon, it allows me to just take it out of my bag and plug it to the instrument, without having to find a mains plug. It works off the mains also, but when I am with others I just want to play music, not fiddle around connecting things. we have enough to do tuning our instrument we don’t need other distractions☹️

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