Amplifier for L&H Ogden

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    unknown-user on #160217

    I am going out to purchase an amplifier and need some advise regarding the type that is suitable for an L&H Ogden. I already have a pick-up. Thanks.

    kay-lister on #160218

    I recently purchased a Laney accoustic amp from Musicians Friend for my Swan.

    tony-morosco on #160219

    You will probably want an amp designed specifically for acoustic instruments. Amps are all different and just like picking a harp, it is an individual matter of taste if you like the sound or not. Just remember, an amp colours the sound so be sure you

    Karen Johns on #160220

    I have a

    unknown-user on #160221

    Karen, where did you get those amplifiers. Do they have a web sight? Thanks to everyone for the help so far.

    Karen Johns on #160222

    I actually bought my Crate Taxi on ebay for around $150 USD. I did a google search yesterday and found several sites, one of them is

    Just type in taxi or limo in their search bar. Glad to help!


    unknown-user on #160223

    Carvin Stage Mate – 4 channels include one specifically for acoustic instruments with bass treble and midrange controls – I use that input for a pickup that is up in the first octave and a second input with a dual pickup for bass and midrange, then blend the two depending on the job – this also lets me add some reverb on the top end – I have two of these units plus extension speakers and have been using them for over 10 years – Carvin only sells from their factory – –
    ( batteries are good for 3 hours on a charge)

    Fourth and fifth octaves do tend to predominate

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