Amplification for playing at dinners etc.

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    Stephen Dunstone on #75153

    I need quality amplification for my Erard Grecian when providing background music at dinners and so on. Research so far has narrowed it down to the AER Compact 60 and the Schertler David Acoustic Amp, both of which score highly with users – but the reviews I’ve come across have been by guitarists. Do any of you have experience of either? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    john-strand on #75154

    Have a look at the Carvin Stagemate – its only available from the factory in california – they have a website – I have been using mine with the effects unit for about 10 years – it has 4 channel mixer with one input specifically for acoustic – I use 3 pickups for bass, midrange, and treble and blend them with the treble pickup going to the acoustic input – I spent a great deal of time fiddleing with it to get a good mix, and for the most part, people don’t realize that I am amped even with the reverb on the treble –
    I never never point a speaker at an audience – always bounce the sound off the wall behind me or the ceiling – for outdoor weddings I use one or two extra extension speakers 15-20 feet apart not for volume, but for coverage –
    be prepared to spend some time experimenting with pickup placement once you do pick an amp – a change in your volume setting will change the response characteristics

    Stephen Dunstone on #75155

    Thanks for all that info John. I’ve since had a look at the specs of the Carvin and it certainly looks good. What I should have said in my original post was that I’m in England, so there might be complications getting an amp shipped over. But thanks also for all those other tips about speaker direction, extension speakers and pickup placement. Lots of food for thought – thanks.

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