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    cinnamonbanana on #215082

    I’m trying to figure out what the best method of amplification for my harp would be… It’s a 29 string lever harp. I’ve looked into the Dusty Strings pickups as well as the Fishman, but am concerned about feedback issues especially when playing with other instruments in the future. I also plan on using effects. Is anyone familiar with a pickup or some other method of amplification that would work in these settings with minimal feedback?
    Also, is anyone familiar with the Schatten Celtic Harp and Pedal Harp Pickup – CH-3 Artist?

    harpist123 on #215083

    I had a 29 string Blevins Eden which I had a K&K single pickup installed by the builder when it was built. You plug in with a short cord to a small simple pre-amp (which allows the K&K to work at its optimum) K&K sells them, and plug the pre-amp with longer cord into any sound system (or PA system). If your speakers are “IN FRONT” of your harp, you will not get feedback. This little setup works great! And it’s simple…You can put it in yourself using a Dusty Strings Jack Clamp (that clamps in the back of your harp inside and outside of one of the holes that is removable — no holes drilled into your harp), or find someone to do the permanent install who has done this sort of thing before. The sound is just fine with a harp this size. Any bigger, I would recommend the K&K “Big Twin”, 2 pickups placed inside against the soundboard instead of just one, which I used in my 36 string Pratt Chamber Harp, and it worked great. Not too expensive at all 🙂

    balfour-knight on #215107

    You may also want to check Musicmakers’ website.

    cinnamonbanana on #215253


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